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Massive Action Systems is lead by James Dimond, author and speaker, We’re a tech-savvy group with 5 years of experience in CPA marketing.  At Massive Action Systems, LLC, we believe that our constant market research and adaptability has lead to our consistent success. Of course, that required lot's of hard work and determination too!

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What We Do

Partnering Only With High Qulaity CPA Businesses

We've learned over time to focus on three main things:

  • High Quality Offers

  • Plenty of Campaign Research

  • High Quality Paid Traffic

This combination is the foundation. Of course, we are obsessed over number driven optimization to maximize EPC and ROI. We're also very careful to stick to proven "white hat" techniques. You won't find us in that "grey" or "black" area.  There's plenty to be made doing things right.


"Most people simply won't put in the work need to do CPA the right way. Sure, it involves technical work, but that's just a small part of the deal.  You've still got to have the right message to market match using the right media."

James Dimond
CPA Marketer

Author & Speaker


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